ACUNS is governed by an international Board of Directors

The Board consists of: the Chair, the Past Chair or Chair Elect, two Vice Chairs, and seven Officers. Each Board Member
usually serves one 3-year term. The Board meets once per year at the Annual Meeting.

Board of Directors Committees

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Current Board Members


Roger Coate

Professor, Georgia College; Distinguished Professor Emeritus,
University of South Carolina
Lorraine Elliott
Past Chair

Professor, International Relations,
Australian National University
Gabriel Amvane
Vice Chair
Legal Officer,
Horizon Amitié
Franz Baumann
New York UniversityEmail Address: [email protected]
Ingvild Bode
Lecturer in International Relations,
University of Kent
Annalisa Ciampi
Professor, Department of Law,
University of Verona
Sarmad Khan
Senior Advisor,
United Nations
Ai Kihara-Hunt
Associate Professor,
University of TokyoEmail Address: [email protected]
Charlotte Ku
Vice Chair
Professor of Law, Texas A&M University School of LawEmail Address: [email protected]
Mónica Serrano
El Colegio de México
Heung-Soon Park
SunMoon University