ACUNS operations are guided by the work of its committees, which are chaired by Directors of the Board. Committee chairs are designated by the President, in consultation with the ACUNS Executive Committee and the Board of Directors. At present, ACUNS is led by the seven committees described below.

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee (ExCo) is composed of five voting members: the President, Past-President, two Vice-Presidents (who are Directors of the Board), and the Member-At-Large. The ExCo oversees the regular operations, programs, and budget of ACUNS. It also recommends the selection of the institutional host for ACUNS headquarters as well as the hosts of the Annual Meeting, Annual Workshop, and the journal Global Governance.

Development Committee
The Development Committee is responsible for considering and recommending fundraising strategies and activities by identifying potential funding sources, cultivating stewardship opportunities, and implementing other activities that ensure the long-term financial stability of ACUNS. 

Nominations Committee
The Nominations Committee solicits, vets, and recommends candidates for new Directors of Board to be elected by the ACUNS membership.

Audit Committee
The Audit Committee chaired by a member of the Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring ACUNS compliance with applicable laws and regulations in its financial operations. It recommends to the Board the selection of independent public accountants to conduct audits on a periodic basis as well as the adoption of policies and practices to ensure sound financial operations. 

Awards Committee
The Awards Committee oversees the announcement, solicitation of award nominations, and selection of award recipients. ACUNS presently bestows two awards: a Dissertation Award and a Book Award.

Liaison Offices Committee
The Liaison Office Committee  provides oversight and guidance to ACUNS Liaison Offices. It further vets and recommends the designation of Liaison Offices to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors.