ACUNS-UN Workshop General


The ACUNS-UN Workshop, generally offered annually, is a program developed in partnership with the United Nations Office of Human Resources (UNOHR) that brings together early-career scholars and practitioners. The workshop encourages new directions and ideas in the analysis of international organizations and policy issues, with emphasis on the interaction of international law and politics. It provides an opportunity for scholars to share their research findings with practitioners and for practitioners to consider the implications of their work in the larger context of academic scholarship.

Founded in cooperation with the American Society of International Law (ASIL), the Annual Workshop was created to meet a core purpose of ACUNS: to bring together scholars and practitioners to deepen their collective understanding of the UN system. It has established and strengthened contacts between scholars in law, politics, and other academic disciplines with individuals who work in the UN system. It has contributed to the development of scholarship and teaching in the international law of international organizations.

The 2023 ACUNS-UN Workshop was hosted at O.P. Jindal Global University from 23-28 July on the theme Blueprints for Local and Global Responses to Worldwide Challenges: Understanding the Role of the United Nations in Capacity Building. A list of past workshops is provided below. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, no workshops were organized in 2020 and 2021.

List of Past Workshops

2022: The Role of International Cooperation in Tackling Inequalities
University College London; London, United Kingdom
5-11 June 2022

2021: (No Workshop)

2020: (No Workshop)

2019: The Sustainable Development Goals and Security
Stellenbosch University; Stellenbosch, South Africa
6-13 April 2019

2018: (No Workshop)

2017: Reforming Multilateral Institutions, Delivering Improved Governance
Global Foundation for Democracy and Development; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
4-13 August 2017

2016: Supporting States’ Implementation of International Law
O.P. Jindal Global University; Sonipat, India
1-12 October 2016

2015: The Evolution of UN Peace Operations
Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI); Oslo, Norway
26 October – 1 November 2015

2014: Local Justice, Global Standards and Critical Contemporary Challenges
The Hague Institute for Global Justice; The Hague, Netherlands
11-19 July 2014

2013: Nuclear Disarmament and Non-Proliferation Challenges, Opportunities and Perspectives
Vienna, Austria
19-27 July 2013

2012: Water, Environment and Health
Wilfrid Laurier University; Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
6-14 July 2012

2011: Peacebuilding & Statebuilding in War-Torn Societies
Josef Korbel School of International Studies; Denver, Colorado, United States
5-15 July 2011

2010: Civil – Military Relations in Peace Missions
Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP); Geneva, Switzerland
19-28 July 2010

2009: Global Public-Private Partnerships
University of Alberta; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
20-29 July 29, 2009

2008: Building the Knowledge Base for Global Governance
International Center for the Promotion of Enterprises (ICPE); Ljubljana, Slovenia
23 July – 2 August 2008

2007: The UN and Regional Organizations
Ghent University; Ghent, Belgium
24 July – 4 August 2007

2006: UN System Reform After the Summitt: Progress and Limitations?
Wilfrid Laurier University; Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
25 July – 5 August 2006

2005: The Millennium Development Goals
Wilfrid Laurier University; Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
24 July – 6 August 2005

2004: Global Governance and Human Security
New Delhi, India
27 July – 7 August 2004

2003: Human Rights – Issue Linkages and the New Human Rights Agenda
Yale University; New Haven, Connecticut, United States
27 July – 9 August 2003

2002: Strategies for Sustainable Resource Development – Policy and Practice
University of Namibia; Windhoek, Namibia
11-23 August 2002

2001: ‘Humanitarian Intervention and the Role of International Organizations
University of Namibia; Windhoek, Namibia
5-18 August 2001

2000: Innovations in Global Governance for the New Millennium
University of Warwick; Warwick, United Kingdom
30 July – 11 August 2000

1999: Rebuilding Torn Societies – Issues of Governance and International Organization
Yale University; New Haven, Connecticut, United States
25 July – 6 August 1999

1998: The Role of State and Non-State Actors in Global Governance
Yale University; New Haven, Connecticut, United States
26 July 26 – 7 August 1998

1997: Globalization and Global Governance
Brown University; Providence, Rhode Island, United States
27 July – 8 August 1997

1996: The Role of Governmental, Intergovernmental, and Nongovernmental Institutions in Global Governance
Brown University; Providence, Rhode Island, United States
28 July – 9 August 1996

1995: The Evolving Nature of Sovereignty and the Future of Global Security
Institute of Social Studies; The Hague, Netherlands
16-28 July 1995

1994: Internal Conflict and the World Community
Brown University; Providence, Rhode Island, United States
17-29 July 1994

1993: Sustainable Development
Brown University; Providence, Rhode Island, United States
25 July – 7 August 1993

1992: (No Workshop)

1991: International Organization Studies
Dartmouth College; Dartmouth, New Hampshire, United States
14-26 July 1991