ACUNS Membership

Thank you for your interest in ACUNS!

To become an ACUNS member you will need to complete one of two membership forms – individual or institutional – accessible via the blue buttons. Memberships extend for one or starting from the date of registration for institutional members and for one or three years for individual members. Further details on each type of membership provided below.

If you would like to renew an existing individual or institutional membership please log into your member account and select the renew membership option from the Member Portal menu.

Individual Membership

ACUNS members come from diverse fields of study and practice, including Political Science, International Law, History, Economics, Sociology, Development, Medicine, Environmental Studies, Migration Studies, Cultural Studies, Media and Social Networking Analysis, Business, Arts, and many more. ACUNS encourages the participation of members at all career stages, including students. ACUNS remains deeply committed to inclusivity, broadly defined.

Membership Benefits
  • Electronic access to the peer-reviewed journal Global Governance (published quarterly), including to all past issues. Members may obtain print copies for a supplementary fee.
  • Reduced rates for registration to the ACUNS Annual Meeting.
  • Opportunities to apply for UN grounds passes or accreditations to access UN meetings, conferences, research libraries, etc.
  • Opportunities to post your news in the ACUNS Monthly Bulletin, including information about research, events, conferences, publications, etc., reaching thousands of members in the ACUNS network.
  • Opportunities to participate in activities of the Global Governance Innovation Network.
  • Ability to apply for the ACUNS Dissertation Award.
  • Voting rights regarding nominations to the ACUNS Board of Directors and other governance matters.
  • ACUNS also promotes individual and institutional members for the UN sabbatical leave program, and when UN bodies contact ACUNS with special requests for assistance or expert insight.
Membership Registration and Rates

To become a member, please complete an individual membership form. Note that membership rates were changed as of January 2021, and now range from USD $5 to $280 per year.

In the table below, all values are listed in United States dollars (USD). Individuals who live in countries that do not use USD are invited to estimate their annual income in USD, using the exchange rate on the day they are signing up. For print copies of the quarterly journal Global Governance, $15 per year is added on top of the baseline rate.


Annual Income
in US Dollars
1-Year Fee1-Year
with Print GG
3-Year 3-Year
with Print GG
No Stable Income$5$20N/AN/A
Under $20000:$15$30N/AN/A
Above $120000:$280$295$770$815

Institutional Membership

ACUNS institutional members include university departments and schools, think tanks and research institutes, nongovernmental and governmental organizations, private businesses, UN entities, and other institutions interested in advancing scholarship and dialogue about the UN system. Please be sure to designate a “Primary Representative” of your institution.

Membership Benefits

Becoming an ACUNS institutional member provides five individual memberships for your organization, including one “Primary Representative” and four “Standard Representatives” (resulting in significant savings for some institutions). The Primary Representative will receive print copies of the peer-reviewed journal, Global Governance. All representatives obtain all other benefits associated with individual membership.

ACUNS ensures that its institutional members receive priority when opportunities arise to organize events or develop new programming. ACUNS institutional members are considered first as potential hosts for the location of the Annual Meeting and Annual Workshop, hosting the ACUNS Secretariat, Global Governance editorial hosting, co-hosting activities of the Global Governance Innovation Network (GGIN), and other programs and events.

Institutional Membership Registration and Rates

In order to register for institutional membership, please designate a “Primary Representative,” who will be responsible for keeping track of the information regarding the four “Standard Representatives.”

After the registration process is complete, the Primary Representative will receive a “discount code” that they then provide to four individuals at their institution. Those four may then register as individual members, noting they are “Standard Representatives” of their institution.

All fees indicated in the list below are in United States dollars (USD). Please note that as of January 2022, ACUNS institutional membership rates have been revised to be based entirely on the self-ascribed ability of institutions to pay. ACUNS suggests that institutions headquartered in high-income countries pay the highest rate, those in upper and lower middle-income countries pay the middle rate, and those in low-income or least-developed countries pay the low rate.

– High Rate: $600
– Middle Rate: $400
– Low Rate: $200

For any questions, please contact