ACUNS is led by a Board of Directors and a team of Officers. Every two years, ACUNS calls for nominations for new Directors, who serve four year terms. It also calls for nominations for individuals who will serve as the Officers of the organization. Directors of the Board are elected by the ACUNS membership during the ACUNS Annual Meeting. Officers are appointed by the Board of Directors. All Directors and Officers serve ACUNS in a voluntary capacity. Only ACUNS members are eligible to be nominated for Director and Officer positions. Individuals can become members via the membership registration form.

Calls for nominations will be made via the ACUNS Monthly Bulletin. Please sign up for the Monthly Bulletin in order to obtain future announcements about leadership opportunities.

ACUNS will be calling for the nomination of two new Board members to be elected at the 2021 Annual Meeting. Details regarding the nomination process will be announced in conjunction with the call.

For any questions about the nomination process, please contact Dr. Cecilia Cannon, the Chair of the ACUNS Nominations Committee at nominations@acuns.org.

Leadership Opportunities

Directors of the Board
The ACUNS Board of Directors is made up of 9 individuals who serve 4 year terms. The Board is the ultimate authority for ACUNS and issues all decisions regarding the organization’s governance and operations. Directors chair and are members of committees, which are responsible for ACUNS programs and operations. 

The President of ACUNS is responsible for managing the daily operations of ACUNS, setting the vision for the organization, convening meetings, and ensuring the effective realization of ACUNS programs. They also serve in the capacity of President-Elect and Past-President for one year before and after they assume the Presidency.

The Secretary of ACUNS serves a two-year term. They are responsible for maintaining all of the permanent corporate and non-financial records of the Council, keeping an accurate record of all meetings of the Board, seeing to it that all notices are duly given in accordance with the Bylaws or as required by law, maintaining the official records of the organization, and in general performing all customary administrative duties.

The Treasurer of ACUNS serves a two-year term. They are responsible for managing all ACUNS funds, serving as the chief accounting officer, and maintaining the accounting and financial records of the organization.