Monthly Bulletin

Every month, ACUNS sends a bulletin to its members and broader network. Bulletins are comprised of three types of information: (1) organizational updates and messages from the ACUNS leadership, (2) information that ACUNS members would like to share, and (3) news regarding events and opportunities of both an academic and professional nature that may be of interest to the ACUNS community. Opportunities may include fellowships, scholarships, jobs, internships, etc.

In addition to the Monthly Bulletin, ACUNS leadership periodically issues E-Updates to provide important time-sensitive information regarding events and operations. All individuals who sign-up to receive the Bulletin will receive the E-Updates. The organization is committed to limiting the number of messages beyond the Monthly Bulletin to a strict minimum.

If you have any questions about the Monthly Bulletin or E-Updates, or if you would like to share your research or announce relevant events or opportunities, please contact the ACUNS Administrative Coordinator, Mr. Filip Savatic, at Only ACUNS members are eligible to share information via the Monthly Bulletin; to become a member please complete the membership registration form.

Anyone interested in ACUNS is invited to subscribe to receive the Monthly Bulletin by submitting their email in the subscription form.

Monthly Bulletin Subscription