Global Governance Journal

Global Governance: A Review of Multilateralism and International Organizations

Global Governance is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal that showcases the expertise of leading scholars and practitioners concerned with the processes of international cooperation and multilateralism. The result is a provocative exploration of the most pressing transnational challenges of our time—issues of peace and security, development, human rights, the environment, and health among them—presenting groundbreaking research, opinion pieces, and book reviews.

The journal is published quarterly by the academic publishing company BRILL in association with ACUNS. Editorial responsibilities for the journal rotate every five years to teams located at universities around the world. The journal is currently hosted by Brigham Young University for a five year term ( 2018-2023). The Editors-in-Chief are Kendall Stiles, Alistair Edgar, Alynna J. Lyon, Kurt Mills, and Peter Romaniuk. The editors and distinguished editorial board of Global Governance are committed to producing a rigorously refereed journal reflecting a wide range of disciplinary and global perspectives. Information on the full editorial team is provided by BRILL on the dedicated Global Governance journal page.

Subscriptions and Access

All ACUNS members are automatically provided electronic access to Global Governance. When signing up for membership, individuals can also select to obtain a print copy of the journal for an additional fee of $15 USD per year. Electronic access includes all past issues of the journal, dating back to the first issue published in July 1995. 

Access to the journal is only available via the BRILL website. Once an individual has submitted the requisite membership fees, a link will appear on their member portal (on the top right-hand corner of this website) whenever they are logged into their account, providing access to the journal via the BRILL website. All individuals can view the contents of past issues of Global Governance by clicking on the button below. Unlocked access to past articles is only available via the membership portal page once a member has logged into their account.

Article Submissions

Global Governance accepts proposals for journal articles with a maximum length of 8000 words. Detailed guidelines for submissions are provided on the BRILL website as well as the publisher’s Editorial Manager platform. Author submission guidelines can also be downloaded directly by clicking on the button below.

The editors of Global Governance are currently not accepting proposals for special issues or special sections in the journal. If you have materials for a coherent edited volume, please contact the publisher, Jason Prevost, at, who can explore other options with you for publishing the work.

Hosting and Editing Global Governance

More information about hosting Global Governance is provided on a dedicated page. ACUNS will issue a call for proposals for a new institutional host in 2022. The new host will assume responsibility for the journal in the fall of 2023 for a five year term  extending through the summer of 2028.

25th Anniversary Edited Volume

Forthcoming in Spring 2021: 25th Special Anniversary Edited Volume of Global Governance, edited by Kurt Mills and Kendall Stiles(More information coming soon.)


For any questions about Global Governance, please contact the ACUNS Administrative Coordinator, Mr. Filip Savatic, at