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ACUNS offers a range of benefits for its institutional members:
Up to 4 individuals can be designated to receive ACUNS membership benefits. All regular ACUNS individual membership benefits are available to each of the four named individuals.
Global Governance buttonEach Institutional Representative will receive full electronic access to Global Governance Journal.
Institutional Representatives are invited to promote their recent publications through ACUNS Books by Members and Book Talk Podcasts. In addition to posting on the website, Podcasts are featured in the monthly E-Update and Books by Members are featured in both the E-Update and Quarterly Newsletter.
ACUNS will be in contact with all of our institutional members to ask whether you might wish to have some relevant aspect of your institution’s research, teaching and/or practice, featured in our Professional Development podcast series.
All ACUNS Institutional Representatives are invited to submit a profile to the Expert Directory. The Expert Directory is part of our ongoing efforts to help disseminate information about our members’ work and activities. If you are a current member or Institutional Representative and would like to be included in the database, please complete the online sign-up form.

In addition to the benefits outlined above:

  • ACUNS institutional members and partners will have a separate listing on our web site, with a descriptive paragraph and link to your institutional homepage;
  • UN bodies regularly contact ACUNS with special requests for the provision of expert input on specific items; these requests in the first instance, are transmitted to or compared against our institutional member database;
  • the UN sabbatical leave program managed by OHRM, specifically instructs its UN officer applicants that they should look at ACUNS institutional members as potential host institutions at which to pursue their proposed sabbatical projects;
  • ACUNS institutional members are considered first as potential hosts for the location of our Annual Meeting, Summer Workshop, and any other similar new program or event;
  • for ACUNS, our institutional members provide us with an extra level of strength and credibility as we approach governments, foundations and other organizations with new proposals for funding, program support and other forms of cooperation. In this way, your institutional membership also supports the ACUNS secretariat in the development of projects, programs and services for our members.

calendar_zkSqwU8d_LACUNS memberships are based on the January to December calendar year.
If you join mid-year you will receive back issues of Global Governance and the ACUNS’ quarterly newsletter. If you have any questions regarding joining mid-year please contact the Secretariat at [email protected]
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