Individual Membership

ACUNS members come from diverse fields of study and practice, including international relations and international law, trade and development, human rights, humanitarian affairs, medicine, environmental studies, migration studies, cultural studies, media and social networking analysis, business, and many more. ACUNS encourages the participation of members at all career stages and on all continents.

ACUNS also remains committed to the inclusion and rights of Black, indigenous and people of color (BIPOC), women, LGBTQ+, cultural minorities, veterans, all faiths, the disabled, the poor, first generation students, and anyone disadvantaged by unfair practices and structures.

The benefits of becoming an ACUNS member as well as the process for joining the organization are described below. As of January 2021 and the establishment of ACUNS as an independent nonprofit organization, memberships extend for one or three years starting from the date an individual submits the necessary fees. Please note that membership rates have been revised to enable increased participation among lower-income members, in line with the practices of other professional associations.

You are invited to join the ACUNS community by completing the required individual registration form accessible via the button below.