Steven Orientale

Steven Orientale
Administrative Coordinator
Georgetown University
United States

Steven Orientale is a Master of Science in Foreign Service Candidate at Georgetown University’s Walsh School of Foreign Service.  At Georgetown University, he is concentrating in Global Politics and Security, is specializing in Global Institutions and Transnational Challenges, and hopes to complete a Graduate Certificate in Diplomatic Studies with a focus on multilateral diplomacy.

Prior to starting his graduate studies, Steven was awarded Yale University’s Gordon Grand Fellowship and worked at the intersection of United Nations sanctions and counterterrorism policy and humanitarian action for the United States Department of State and in the multilateral sector.  He also has experience working on legislative and constituent affairs at the United States House of Representatives and on international negotiations and agreements at the United States Department of State.

In 2021, Steven graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor of Arts in Global Affairs and Molecular Biology, with a focus on International Security and Multilateral Affairs.  He completed his Senior Capstone on the “Impacts of United Nations Sanctions and Counterterrorism Measures on Humanitarian Action” in partnership with the United States Department of State.