Annual Meeting 2021

Toward a Fit for Future UN System
June 24-26, 2021

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Across the global landscape, many are calling for action to improve human security, dignity, social justice, global public health, protection of basic human rights, and multilateral cooperation. Despite obstacles, we are entering an era of renewed commitments to a “Common Agenda” for multilateral engagement, heralding the promise of a UN system that is truly “fit for future.”

In 2021, we ask: how can we make the UN system “fit for future,” and the UN itself “fit for purpose”? How can scholars, practitioners, students, science and technology experts, and community-based actors collaborate more fruitfully in devising integrative pathways that will result in growth and prosperity for all?

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– The Annual Meeting 2021 Team

ACUNS thanks Brill Nijhoff, publisher of Global Governance, for its generous support of the 2021 ACUNS Annual Meeting.

The ACUNS Annual Meeting is a global conference that provides the ACUNS community with a unique opportunity to discuss cutting-edge research and policy developments focused on the UN and global governance. Each year, the Annual Meeting is held in a different location. It brings together scholars and practitioners from around the world, providing a chance to exchange ideas and establish new connections.