Senior Advisor
Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime


Areas of Expertise
Comparative Politics, Diplomacy, Global Governance, Global Governance, Intergovernmental Organizations, International Organizations, Organized Crime, Transitional Justice, United Nations

Region of Focus
Europe,Sub-Saharan Africa

LL.B; MA; Ph.D

Professor Criminology
UN Staff
Ambassador, Republic of Serbia at the UN Geneva, 2009 – 2013
Adjunct Professor, Law School, University of Belgrade, Serbia, 2013 –
Adjunct Professor, Law School, Univeristy of Rome Three,Italy, 2013 –
Adjunct Professor, School of Government, LUISS, Rome, Italy, 2013-

Senior Advisor, Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime, Geneva, Switzerland, 2013 –

Deputy Director, UNICR; Rome, Itay 1984 -1999
Senior Criminal Justice Expert, OIC, UNODC Regional Office for Southern Africa, Pretoria, South Africa,1999 – 2014
Chief, Strategic Planning Unit, UNODC, Vienna, Austria, 2004 -2009

Recent Publications
More then 20 volumes; 100 articles

“Reflections on Policing and SDGs”, criminal justice inCrntdak and South Europe, Slovenua

Recent ACUNS Activity
Participation in a number of ACUNS initiatives in Vienna

Updated January, 2019