Senior Researcher
Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Areas of Expertise
Genocide, Human Rights, Immigration, Indigenous People, Sexual Violence in Conflict, Violence Against Children, Violence Against Women, Women’s Rights

Region of Focus
Central and South Asia, Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, The Middle East

Shalva Weil D.Phil, a graduate of L.S.E. (Hons.) and Sussex University, UK, is Senior Researcher at the Research Institute for Innovation in Education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, and Research Fellow in the Department of Biblical and Ancient Studies, at UNISA (University of South Africa). She specializes in migration, ritual, ethnicity, gender and violence. She has published 80 articles in scientific journals, including European Societies, Man, Human Organisation, Contributions to Indian Sociology and Ethnic Groups. Her books include: India’s Jewish Heritage (Marg), Karmic Passages (co-edited with David Shulman) (OUP), and Roots and Routes: Ethnicity and Migration in Global Perspective (Magnes). Shalva Weil served as Executive Member of the European Sociological Association (ESA); Chair of the ESA Qualitative Methods RN (Research Network) 20; Board Member of the ESA Gender RN 33; and Editor of the ESA’s Newsletter European Sociologist. Dr. Weil runs an empowerment program for slum migrant women of Caucasian origin in Israel. She has researched intimate partner femicide among Ethiopian immigrants in Israel. She serves as Chair of the Cost Action IS1206 on Femicide Across Europe, coordinating 30 countries to combat femicide, and a contributor to the ACUNS publications Femicide 3 +4.

Recent Publications
1. Weil, S. 1997 ‘Religion, Blood and the Equality of Rights: The Case of the Ethiopian Jews in Israel’, International Journal on Minority and Group Rights 4: 397-412.
2. Weil, S. 2015a “Combatting femicide in multiple ways: the COST Action IS1206 on Femicide across Europe”. In: Filip A and Platzer M (eds) Femicide: Targeting Women in Conflict 3. Vienna: ACUNS, pp.139-141.
3. Weil, S. 2015b “Femicide across Europe”. In: Dimitrijevic, M., Filip, A and Platzer M (eds) Femicide: Taking Action against Gender-Related Killing of Women and Girls 4. Vienna: ACUNS, pp.118-121.
4. Corradi, C., Marcuello, C, Boira, S. and Weil, S. 2015c The theoretical underpinnings of femicide in sociological enquiry’, Current Sociology, Special Issue on Femicide (2015)
5. Weil, S. 2016b Making Femicide Visible, Current Sociology, Special Issue on Femicide (Jan. 2016)

Recent ACUNS Activity
1.Attendance at UN HQ meeting on Femicide Oct, 2015 with the NGO Alliance for Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice
2. Participation in UN meeting in Bangkok, Nov, 2015, as part of ACUNS delegation