Eunsook Chung Licensed psychotherapist,
Sigmund Freud University Vienna


Areas of Expertise
Health, Humanitarian Affairs, Immigration, Poverty and Inequality, Refugees and Displacement, Violence Against Women, Women Peace and Security,

Region of Focus
Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa


Eunice Wangui Stuhlhofer is a licensed psychotherapist working in the mental health care industry with clients from diverse cultures and backgrounds. She is skilled in intercultural therapy, child and youth therapy, family therapy and coaching.

Eunice is a doctoral candidate at Sigmund Freud University in Vienna. Her dissertation focuses on African female migration and its impact on mental health. She is investigating migration experiences of Kenyan women in Austria and their coping strategies. Previously, Eunice has explored culture and its influence on mental illness with a focus on eating disorders in the context of women in Kenya.

Recent Publications

Eunice. W. Stuhlhofer, Psychopathology and Culture:Intercultural Exposition of Anorexia Nervosa.World Journal «Psychotherapy» 2015, №1 (8), pp. 123—128

Updated January, 2019