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Areas of Expertise
Globalization, Human Rights, Human Trafficking, International Affairs, International Human Rights Law, International Justice, International Law, Organized Crime, Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, Terrorism, US Foreign Policy, Violence Against Women

Region of Focus
Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean

Emilio C. VIANO has earned several law degrees in the U.K. and U.S. and a Ph.D. (“summa cum laude”) at New York University, New York City.
He has been Professor at American University, the Washington College of Law and other universities worldwide, including the Inter-American Defense College, the University of Paris V and X, the University of Bologna and others. He is President of the International Society for Criminology and Editor of the International Annals of Criminology (Cambridge University Press).
He serves on the Steering Committee of the Global Forum on Law, Justice and Development at the World Bank and as Co-leader of the Working Group on Empowerment and Equity for Diverse Communities. He is also Senior Advisor on Cyber Crime at the Legal Vice Presidency, the World Bank.
In 2012 he received the “Hans Von Hentig” Prize, the highest recognition of the World Society of Victimology awarded every 4 years. He has also been a recipient of Fulbright Scholar awards. Recently, he was the Program Chair for the 17th World Congress of Criminology held in Mexico, in August 2014 and for the18th World Congress held in the New Delhi Capital Region, India in December 2016. He has also served as General Reporter on Cybercrime for the International Association of Penal Law. He recently organized and chaired an international conference on Female Migration to ISIS in Venice, Italy.
Dr. Viano has published extensively in the field of criminal justice, international criminal law, terrorism and cybercrime. He is a recognized political analyst interviewed regularly on CNN, Voice of America, CCTV, UNIVISION, NTN24, Canadian Broadcasting Service and several others.
His email is: [email protected]

Recent Publications

Editor, Special issue on Female Migration to ISIS, authored Introduction & Conclusion , International Annals of Criminology, 2018 Substantive Crimes in the Cyber World in Combating Cybercrime, pp. 158-169, The World Bank 2018
The Growing Prison Population Sentenced to Life in Prison in the USA: Its Impact & Cost on Various Segments of Society, Brazilian Review of Criminal Sciences, 2018, pp. 99-152

Female Migration to ISIS: Dynamics, Justifications, and the Social Media. Amsterdam: IOS Press, 2018, In press

Innovaciones en Seguridad Ciudadana en Latino America y el Caribe, under contract, publisher: Themis (Bogota’ and Mexico City)
Cyber Crime, Organized Crime and Societal Responses, Springer, 2016.

Mother Earth is Tired: Environmental and Corporate Crimes in the International Extractive Industry. Venice, Italy: IUSVE Editrice, 2014

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Viano, E.C., Defendants and Detainees with Psychiatric Disturbances in the Criminal Process and in the Prison System in the U.S.A.; chapter in edited
volume, Piet Van Kempen (editor), to be published in 2018 by Intersentia.

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Additional Comments
Organizing the 19th World Congress of Criminology, 27-31 October 2019, Doha, Qatar