• Title: United Nations System Partnering with Civil Society on Resource Mobilization for Sustainable Development
  • Date: 12 December 2013, 6.15 – 7.30 EST
  • Location: Trusteeship Council Chamber, United Nations New York
  • RSVP: [email protected]; Please note that you must have a UN grounds pass to get access to UN building
  • Watch online at

The International Association for the Advancement of  Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges, the ACUNS Vienna Liaison Office, the Association of World Citizens and the NGO Committee on Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns kindly invites you to attend the event “United Nations System Partnering with Civil Society on Resource Mobilization for Sustainable Development”. This is a side event to the Sixth Session of UN General Assembly’s Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals. If you are unable to attend in person, the side event can be viewed live through UN TV webbroadcasting at

Event Summary

These days at the United Nations global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are being formulated. These SDGs will guide the use of the limited resources of planet Earth by humanity in a fair and responsible way with a long term and inter generational perspective.

It becomes more and more clear that United Nations and national governments can’t do the job alone.

New thinking is needed and a global multistakeholder partnership – a global action network – for achieving sustainable development is needed that includes everybody who makes decisions over the use of resources relevant for sustainable development goals.

Join us at this event to hear about concrete visions, concepts and outlines for campaigns that put global citizens (the drops that make the ocean) in the center of global governance and give global civil society, youth and cities a leadership role in future global partnership architecture for achieving sustainable development.

We are going to discuss with representatives of different major stakeholder groups (Science and Technology, Youth, Regional public authority, NGOs, Women, Indigenous People, ..), member states and UN system representatives how new approaches to social entrepreneurship, global citizenship ethics (Global Challenges Giving Pledge), games and music can be used to inspire and motivate people to get engaged in SDGs.

Hear about concrete social and technological innovations (GloCha System) and ambitious campaigns (MySDGs Global Youth Music Contest, 15/15/15, etc.) for youth led multistakeholder mass mobilization towards SDGs implementation.

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