Message and Update from DPI/NGO Relations
UNAI Partnership with MIT Solve


Recently United Nations Academic Impact partnered with the newly created MIT Solve on their first ever Solve Challenge! Solve is a new initiative from MIT that aims to help address some of the world’s most challenging problems by bringing people from various backgrounds together to come up with workable solutions and then create projects to test those ideas.  Solve then helps them move from inspiration and experimentation to action and scalable implementation by providing feedback and mentorship.

Solve centres its work around 4 pillars: Learn (provide access to quality education by 2050 to anyone, anywhere who wants to learn);  Cure (leverage innovations in healthcare delivery and medical research to make care affordable and universally available); Fuel (double energy and food production and halve carbon output by 2050, setting a path to net-zero carbon emissions by the end of the century); and Make (provide the infrastructure and economic opportunity to support a world population of nearly 10 billion by 2050).  

The current Solve challenges that are open to participants include:
Refugee Education (SDG 4): How can we improve learning outcomes for refugee and displaced young people under 24?
Carbon Contributions: (SDGs 9, 12, 13, 15): How can individuals and corporations manage and reduce their carbon contributions?
Chronic Diseases (SDG 3): How can we help people prevent, detect and manage chronic diseases, especially in resource-limited settings.

The Solve challenges are open to anyone who has a great idea about how address these issues including students, researchers, programmers and developers, people working at tech startups, social entrepreneurs, activists and innovators and anyone else who wants to contribute a solution.  

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