Cedric de Coning and Eli Stamnes (eds.), UN Peacebuilding Architecture: The first 10 years (Routledge, 2016).

Since its establishment, the UN’s Peacebuilding Architecture (PBA) has been involved in peacebuilding processes in more than 20 countries. This edited volume takes stock of the overall impact of the PBA during its first decade in existence, and generates innovative recommendations for how the architecture can be modified and utilized to create more synergy and fusion between the UN’s peace and development work.

The volume is based on commissioned research and independent evaluations as well as informed opinions of several key decision-makers closely engaged in shaping the UN’s peacebuilding agenda. It seeks to find a balance between identifying the reality and constraints of the UN’s multilateral framework, while being bold in exploring new and innovative ways in which the UN can enhance the results of its peace and development work through the PBA.

The research and writing of each chapter has been guided by four objectives:

  • to assess the overall impact of the PBA;
  • to generate innovative ideas for how the PBA can be made more effective post-2015;
  • to analyze the PBA’s role at the nexus of the UN’s peace and development work; and
  • to consider what would be required for the PBA to increase and improve its impact in future.

It will be of interest to diplomats, UN officials, the policy community and scholars engaged in the debate following the 2015 review and the implementation of its recommendations, and will be an essential resource for UN and peacebuilding scholars.

About the Editors
Cedric de Coning is a Senior Research Fellow with the Peace and Conflict Peacebuilding Research Group at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) and a Peacebuilding Advisor with ACCORD. His research focus is on AU, EU and UN peacekeeping and peacebuilding policies and practices.



Eli Stamnes is a Senior Researcher Fellow in the Peace and Conflict Research Group at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI). Her research interests revolve around critical approaches to peace and security, peacebuilding, conflict prevention, gender and the Responsibility to Protect (R2P).