Tricked and Indebted on Land, Abused or Abandoned at Sea

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New York Times Reporter

ACUNS member Ian Urbina is writing an investigative series, “The Outlaw Ocean,” on the crime and violence prevalent on the high seas. In this latest installment, “Tricked and Indebted on Land, Abused or Abandoned at Sea,” Urbina looks at the case of Eril Andrade, a 31 year old Filipino man who died on a fishing boat. According to the ship’s captain, Andrade had died in his sleep, but he was missing an eye and his pancreas and his body was “covered in cuts and bruises, which an autopsy report later concluded had been inflicted before death.”

These situations exist, at least in part, due to a lack of regulation within the industry as well as the operations of illegal agencies. According to a board member of Transient Workers Count Too, “It’s lies and cheating on land, then beatings and death at sea, then shame and debt when these men get home.”

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