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  • Training Workshop at Geneva Centre for Security Policy, Results-Based Management for Peacebuilding, Security and Development.
  • The seminar is offered free of charge. All other expenses including lodging and travel are the responsibility of the participant.
  • 11-15 July, 2016
  • Application deadline: 7 May, 2016
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The five-day workshop provides a unique opportunity for practitioners (donors, internationals and nationals) working in the field of peacebuilding, security and development to be introduced to programme  results-based management, design, and monitoring and evaluation skills. This intensive training tackles programme cycle planning, theories of change, results-based approaches as well as the practical implementation of monitoring and evaluation processes using simulations and field based case studies.

Key benefits for you

Policy-makers and practitioners in the field of peacebuilding, security and development still lack critical skills in results-based management.
If you work in peacebuilding, security and development, this course will enhance your capacities to:

  • Improve design, leading to better projects and programmes
  • Align programmes with national development priorities
  • Improve monitoring and evaluation of projects and programmes
  • Encourage the development of monitoring and evaluation frameworks for national programmes
  • Work with a pool of national experts for evaluations
  • Stimulate cross-fertilisation

Why you should attend
The course will enhance your results-based management skills, specifically your programme/project design capacity by walking you through every step of the process from line of sight, theory of change to case design, indicator setting, data collection and design. It will enable you to address gaps related to appropriate goal setting, performance targeting, monitoring, and evaluation of both outputs and outcomes in the fields of peacebuilding, security and development.

Course focus

Seminar modules include:

  • Project cycle management and project design
  • Monitoring
  • Theory of change
  • Evaluation questions and design
  • Data collection methods


The Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) is an international foundation with 46 member states from across the globe that provides forward-thinking and innovative solutions for leaders and policymakers concerned with international affairs and security.

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