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Affirmation of Human Oneness

“I am a member of the human family,
a citizen of the world.
The achievements of men and women
throughout the ages
are my heritage.
My destiny is bound to that of all my
fellow human beings.
What we jointly create
forms our bequest to future generations.
May my life
serve the good of my family.
May our use of the earth
preserve it for those yet to come.”

– Joseph Schwartzberg

In October the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota hosted a conference created and sponsored by the Workable World Trust. This conference featured an excellent group of international experts. The trust has made videos of all presentations, as well as the full text of many of these presentations, available on its website, along with the conference program.

We are pleased to post a selection of videos from the conference. You can also download the full program here: PDF Download Button

What is the Workable World Trust? Joseph E. Schwartzberg, Director, The Workable World Trust

Keynote Speech: Time for a New Global Governance Paradigm: W. Andy Knight, Professor, International Relations, The University of Alberta & Director, Institute of International Relations, The University of West Indies

Imparting Greater Legitimacy to the United Nations System: Charlotte Ku, Professor of Law & Associate Dean of International Programs, Texas A&M University School of Law