The United Nations under Ban Ki-moon: Give Diplomacy a Chance

Marcel Jesenský, The United Nations under Ban Ki-moon: Give Diplomacy a Chance (Palgrave Macmillan, 2019).

This book chronicles the story of the United Nations under Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in the decade 2007–2016. Marcel Jesenský provides a compelling account of the organization’s activities and Ban Ki-moon’s role in reconciling the aims, principles and prerogatives of his office, the organization and its Charter with the demands, interests and power of the member states. Today, as never before, the concept of the post–World War II multilateral framework of international relations tries to harmonize the claims for its reform and re-evaluation with growing demands to manage the globalized world. This work, invaluable for readers interested in global governance, multilateral diplomacy, the United Nations and international relations, presents its subject in historical context and provides answers to assist its understanding.

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Marcel Jesenský is a former diplomat, teaches history and political science at the Université d’Ottawa and Carleton University, Canada. He is a specialist in international relations, foreign policy and diplomacy, the United Nations and global governance.


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