Seara-Vázquez, Modesto. “The UN Security Council at Fifty: Midlife Crisis or Terminal Illness?” Global Governance 1,3 (1995): pp. 285-296.

In 1995 the United Nations is fifty years old. In the meantime the world went through a deep change that makes all social and political institutions obsolete. The Security Council is a key organ of the United Nations and in need of a deep structural reform. The necessary reform shall affect its membership and voting procedure. The UN Security Council must be more representative and more effective. However the author does not recommend a substantial increase of its membership; just enough to include the new (territorial, demographic or economic) powers. The individual right of veto must be eliminated;  a multiple (two or three) member veto would prevent the current paralysis in the decision-making process.

Entry Submitted By: Modesto Seara-Vázquez

About the author of this entry: Modesto Seara-Vázquez is President of the Oaxaca State University System and professor of International Law and International Relations. He was Formerly Professor of International Organization at the National University of Mexico and is Honorary President of the Mexican International Studies Association.