Kent J. Kille and Alynna J. Lyon, The United Nations: 75 Years of Promoting Peace, Human Rights, and Development (ABC-CLIO, 2020).

The United Nations has been an essential actor in world politics for 75 years. Its entities have eliminated smallpox, protected the ozone layer, promoted arms control, and helped to save the lives of over 90 million children. Yet, it is frequently criticized as ineffective and antiquated. This book provides a balanced and systematic overview of the UN’s contributions and challenges, highlighting areas where it plays an essential role in global governance as well as areas of redundancy and needed reform.

This book provides readers with a clear, well-organized reference resource to the entire UN system—its principal organs, specialized agencies, programs and funds, and key issues of engagement. Through individual entries, it examines the history of UN engagement, ranging from peace and security to migration and climate change. It moves beyond a simple description of UN entities as it assesses the development of ideas (such as that of sustainable development), as well as responses to changes in world politics. Finally, it presents both the significant successes of UN work and continued challenges.

About the Authors

Kent J. Kille is professor of political science and global and international studies at The College of Wooster. Kille is an expert on UN Secretary-General leadership, having authored From Manager to Visionary: The Secretary-General of the United Nations and served as editor of and contributor to The UN Secretary-General and Moral Authority: Ethics and Religion in International Leadership. He is coeditor of IO BIO: Biographical Dictionary of Secretaries-General of International Organizations. He also serves on the editorial board of Global Governance: A Review of Multilateralism and International Organizations and is academic adviser for The College of Wooster’s Model UN team.
Alynna J. Lyon is professor of political science at the University of New Hampshire. She is author of U.S. Politics and the United Nations, coauthor of The United Nations in the 21st Century, 5th ed., and coeditor of two books: Pope Francis as a Global Actor: Where Politics and Theology Meet and Religion and Politics in a Global Society. Her scholarship also appears in many journals including Foreign Policy Analysis, Global Society, Ethnic and Racial Studies, and Journal of International Organization Studies. She has served as faculty adviser for UNH’s Model UN since 2003.