About the Stimson Center:
The Stimson Center is a nonpartisan policy research center working to protect people, preserve the planet, and promote security & prosperity. Stimson’s award-winning research serves as a roadmap to address borderless threats through concerted action. Our formula is simple: we gather the brightest people to think beyond soundbites, create solutions, and make those solutions reality. We follow the credo of one of history’s leading statesmen, Henry L. Stimson, in taking “pragmatic steps toward ideal objectives.” We are practical in our approach and independent in our analysis. Stimson’s Just Security 2020 Program supports efforts to build more capable global governance institutions to better cope with existing and new global challenges, in the face of growing mass violence in fragile states, the threat of runaway climate change, and fears of devastating cross-border economic shocks and cyber-attacks. Effective problem solving requires both global collaboration and attention to serious deficits of justice as well as security, to create what we call “just security.” The program gives particular attention to initiating and influencing preparations for a Leaders Summit, in September 2020 in New York, on United Nations renewal and innovation. Visit our new knowledge Platform on Global Security, Justice & Governance Reform: http://www.platformglobalsecurityjusticegovernance.org/