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One of our newest institutional members, The Stanley Foundation, produces a quarterly publication, CourierThe Spring 2016 edition of Courier is now available, free of charge.


About this issue

Courier86_Page_01 Late next week, March 31–April 1, world leaders will gather in Washington, DC, for the fourth and final Nuclear Security Summit. At stake will be significant action to keep the world safe from the threats of nuclear terrorism, or not.

The Spring 2016 issue of Courier features “The Nuclear Terrorism Waiting Game: Can the Final Nuclear Security Summit End the Threat?” The issue looks at the summit processes and key global issues to watch for during the upcoming conference in The Nuclear Security Summits, a Look Back and a Look Ahead.” It also includes a special reprint of an article from the Center for Public Integrity, The Stalking Threat of Nuclear Terrorism.

 Acting on the Responsibility to Protect,” by Alex Bellamy, an expert on R2P, provides an update on progress of world nations during the past five years; and three students from a global scholars conference comment about the future of climate change. Lastly, the foundation’s recent Iowa Student Global Leadership Conference provides some profound insight and feedback.”

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