Uziel, Eduardo. O Conselho de Segurança, as Operações de Manutenção da Paz e a Inserção do Brasil no Mecanismo de Segurança Coletiva das Nações Unidas Brasília: Fundação Alexandre de Gusmão, 2010.

[The Security Council, Peacekeeping Operations and the Insertion of Brazil in the United Nations Collective Security Mechanism]

The book debates the role of United Nations peacekeeping operations as one of the main instruments of the Organization in the international arena and a preferred one by the Security Council. The work analyses peacekeeping mission as an innovative idea that was developed in the practice of the Security Council and the General Assembly, being originally absent from the UN Charter. Particular attention is drawn to the political dynamics within the Security Council that dictates the mandates and composition of the missions and how it translates the wider international politics. It further discusses how Brazil, over the last decades, has decided to take part in peacekeeping operations as a branch of its multilateral diplomacy. The book argues that, by participating in peacekeeping missions, Brazil has expanded its role as an international actor in the Security Council and that middle powers can use the missions as a strategy to compensate for their shortcomings in power resources that could limit their saying in Security Council and other international decisions.

Entry Submitted By: Eduardo Uziel

About the author of this entry: Eduardo Uziel was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, holds a degree in History from the Universidade Federal Fluminense and one in Law from the Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro. Since 2000, works in the Ministry of External Relations of Brazil, having been posted in the Mission of Brazil to the UN and in the Brazilian Embassy in Tel Aviv. Uziel has published a book and several articles on peacekeeping operations and Security Council politics.