John Forrer and Conor Seyle (eds.), The Role of Business in the Responsibility to Protect (Cambridge University Press, 2016).

The Role of Business in the Responsibility to Protect closes the gap between research on the Responsibility to Protect and the private sector, as previous research has focused only on state responsibilities and state actors. This book examines in detail the developing research on the significant role that private sector actors can play in promoting peace and stability. Contributors to this volume explore the key arguments for where, why, and how private sector actors can contribute to the prevention and cessation of mass atrocity crimes; and how this can inform and extend the UN policy discussion around Responsibility to Protect. The contributors include lead voices in the Responsibility to Protect discourse as well as central voices in business and peace literature.

About the Editors
John J. Forrer is Director of the Institute for Corporate Responsibility (ICR), as well as Research Professor at the School of Business and Associate Faculty at the School of Public Policy and Public Administration at George Washington University. He manages the activities of ICR and currently leads projects on corporate governance, conflict-free chocolate, the better world learning community, re-imagining sustainable supply chain governance, and sugar, obesity and corporate responsibility.

Conor Seyle is a political psychologist and holds a PhD in social psychology from the University of Texas. He plans and directs the activities of the research department along with conducting his own research, which focuses on questions of what predicts and what resolves political conflict, including the role of identity and self-concept in driving political conflict; the predictors of successful deliberative discussion of political issues; and predictors of successful interventions in communities affected by natural disasters or war. Before coming to OEF, Conor worked as a researcher for NGOs including the Charles F. Kettering Foundation, Issues Deliberation Australia/America, and Psychology Beyond Borders. He has also worked on deliberative democracy initiatives including the National Issues Forums and Americans Discuss Social Security, and is a FEMA-approved trainer for the Crisis Counseling Program (the US governmental response to disaster-impacts or traumas).