Camilla Campisi

UN Representative, Quaker UN Office


Camilla Campisi of the Quaker United Nations Office (QUNO) explores the unique roles of quiet diplomacy and informal dialogue in supplementing peacebuilding and violent conflict prevention efforts at the United Nations. Founded in 1948, QUNO has placed a distinctive emphasis upon informal connections as a means to bridge policymakers and in-field practitioners often engaged in diverse and challenging peacebuilding initiatives. In particular, it is thought that if stakeholders can meet ‘upon an equal footing’ – a cornerstone of Quaker belief – the ability to attain outcomes emphasizing common ground can be further appreciated. Campisi points to the need to consider ‘bottom-up’ approaches to peacebuilding, emphasizing localized mediations, restorative processes, and operationalized ideas of national ownership. Sharing her thoughts on QUNO-UN engagement, Campisi discusses the historical place of informal dialogue in relations amongst Member States, while pointing to the sustained challenge of granting civil society actors a seat at the broader table of policy development and implementation.

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Recorded on August 2011