Ken Conca and Erika Weinthal (editors), The Oxford Handbook of Water Politics and Policy (Oxford University Press, 2018).

This handbook gathers a diverse group of leading scholars of water politics and policy. Authors were tasked to present forward-looking chapters in their areas of expertise, flagging key trends in both research and practice. The volume is organized into six sections: poverty, rights, and ethics; food, energy, and water; water and the politics of scale; law, economics, and water management; the politics of transboundary water; and the politics of water knowledge. Cross-cutting themes include governance challenges rooted in the mobility, unpredictability, and public-goods dimensions of water; tensions and synergies among equity, efficiency, and sustainability; the distributive consequences of water governance; the design and performance of water institutions; and the implications of climate change.

About the Editors
Ken Conca, editor
Ken Conca is Professor of International Relations in the School of International Service at American University.

Erika Weinthal, editor
Erika Weinthal is Lee Hill Snowdon Professor of Environmental Policy at Duke University’s Nicholas School of Environment.