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ACUNS member Ian Urbina is writing an investigative series, “The Outlaw Ocean,” on the crime and violence prevalent on the high seas. In this latest round-up piece, Urbina highlights some of action by the US government, labor groups, the Thai government, and others to protect the ocean and workers. Such actions include recent signing of the Port State Measures Agreement.  Furthermore, “The amendment that the president has said he will sign this week would close a loophole in the Tariff Act of 1930, which bars products made by convict, forced or indentured labor. For 85 years, the law has exempted goods derived from slavery if American domestic production could not meet demand.” The article also addresses some of the attempts to improve conditions for workers in Thailand, with emphasis on the complaint filed by the International Transport Workers’ Federation and International Trade Union Confederation. This complaint was filed “at the International Labor Organization, which is part of the United Nations, about the use of forced labor to produce Thai seafood.”

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Feature Image Credit: Adam Dean for The New York Times