Eric Corthay, The Fight against International Terrorism: on the Legality of the Use of Armed Force (Helbing Lichtenhahn, 2012)

For several decades now the international community has been witnessing a number of military operations conducted in the specific context of the fight against international terrorism, whether it be in Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya or also Pakistan. The use of armed force by States in their international relations is not left at their sole discretion. On the contrary, the use of force is governed by the international law and in particular by the jus contra bellum which is a legal regime consisting of a basic principle – the prohibition of the use of force in international relations – and two confirmed and recognized exceptions that are the right of self-defence and the use of force authorized by the UN Security Council.

This book tackles with academic rigor and conceptual accuracy most of the thorny and controversial questions which stem from the fight against international terrorism from the standpoint of Public International Law. Through an in-depth examination of doctrinal debates, actual State practice and international jurisprudence, the author analyses the legal framework in which States must remain in order for their operations to be lawful. He also clarifies key notions and critically examines important theories, such as the gravity of an armed attack, the substantial involvement of States in the acts of non-State actors, the theory of complicity, the doctrine of anticipatory self-defence, and the delegation by the Security Council of its Chapter VII powers, to mention a few.

About the Author
Dr Eric Corthay is a full-time faculty member at Bahrain Polytechnic, where he notably teaches international business law, the law of the WTO, and UN Global Compact.

Educated at the University of Geneva and the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, his teaching and research experience includes periods at the University of Geneva, the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, and the AMA International University. He has also previously worked for the United Nations in Geneva and in the Middle East.

Dr Corthay is a member of several international law societies and a member of the Board of Editors of the IJIL. He is the author of The Fight against International Terrorism, On the Legality of the Use of Armed Force (Helbing Lichtenhahn, 2012) and a series of journal articles in public international law.