Steven Blockmans, Jan Wouters, Tom Ruys (Eds.), The European Union and Peacebuilding: Policy and Legal Aspects (The Hague: T.M.C. Asser Press, 2010), 540 pp.

Like conflict prevention and crisis management, ‘peacebuilding’ forms an integral part of the European Union’s external policy efforts to break the cycle of conflict, insecurity and poverty. A concept developed in the context of the United Nations, the EU’s Lisbon Treaty mentions ‘post-conflict stabilisation’ among the tasks which the EU is set to perform in the implementation of the Common Security and Defence Policy. The Union’s advance in this field has been universally welcomed by peacebuilding actors, especially since the EU’s ongoing contribution in financial, technical and logistical terms in post-conflict areas have been couched in an increasing number of European Security and Defence Policy missions. The proliferation of the EU’s institutional and operational mechanisms to build peace in post-conflict environments has led to a whole series of new policy and legal questions, which are addressed by leading practitioners and academics in this unique compilation.