William W. Taylor, Abigail J. Lynch, and Michael G. Schechter, editors Sustainable Fisheries: Multi-Level Approaches to a Global Problem (American Fisheries Society, 2011).

This book presents multi-level approaches to the problem of unsustainable fisheries and provides potential solutions to address it. It discusses the importance of fisheries from a global perspective, describes current fisheries failings, and provides recommendations for more sustainable practices (e.g., food and livelihood security, interdisciplinary approaches, ecosystem-based and community-based management, governance reforms, reduced capacity, and accountability).

The book underscores the urgency of the sustainable fisheries issue, highlights inadequacies of current institutional mechanisms to deal with this global concern, and identifies areas for change. Of interest to anyone concerned about ways to address the challenge of fisheries sustainability, this book should be of particular note to fisheries scientists, policy makers, and managers who are vested in governance of our world’s fisheries resources. This policy-oriented book is aimed at providing the intellectual foundation for those calling for the convening of a global conference on sustainable fisheries.