JIU Survey on Policy Research Uptake

For the first time in its 52 years of history, the Joint Inspection Unit of the United Nations system officially consults the academics and researchers on the policy research uptake in the United Nations. To that end you are kindly invited to fill in the survey below.

It is an unprecedented opportunity for academics and researchers from universities and research institutes to express their opinions in a systematic way on this subject. The results of the survey will be reflected in an official report of the Joint Inspection Unit that aims to improve policy research uptake of the United Nations system at a system wide level.

The report will be publicly available, and the results of the survey will be communicated to the three networks that disseminate it.

You will have the opportunity to formulate your own recommendations.

Click and read the introduction to the survey, which contains more details about the scope and objectives of the JIU report and the use of the survey.

The survey is open for completion until 31 July 2018.