ACUNS is pleased to announce that the Centre for Trust, Peace & Social Relations at Coventry University has been chosen as the next host for the ACUNS Secretariat. ACUNS will move to its new host institution in July 2018, where Professor Math Noortmann will be the next Executive Director. We are excited to work with the new team during the transition process.
Centre for Trust, Peace & Social Relations

Drawing on a strong track record of research in integrated peacebuilding, trust and social and community relations, the Centre exemplifies Coventry University’s long-standing commitment to research that makes a positive impact on society and on the security and quality of life of ordinary people worldwide.The Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations is distinctive both in terms of the research undertaken and the approaches used. It is a truly multi-disciplinary Centre: by drawing from academic disciplines, knowledge and skills across the social sciences and beyond, we tackle many of the most critical and sensitive contemporary challenges facing society.
Vice-Chancellor, Coventry University,

“It’s an honour for Coventry University and for our Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations to be selected to host the ACUNS secretariat. The shared strengths and ambitions of our organisations in international relations, peacebuilding and security, among many other things, will help the council to grow its impact and influence in a global community in which academia and scholarship play such an important role.”

Chair of the ACUNS Board of Directors,

welcomed the appointment of Coventry University and the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations as the new host institution for the Secretariat. ‘I am confident that the Centre will make an important contribution to ACUNS as we continue to build our global outreach to UN scholars and practitioners and work to strengthen our membership base in the Global South while also maintaining our important and enduring links with the UN Secretariat in New York’ she said. ‘As Executive Director, Professor Noortmann will bring a suite of experience and knowledge of the UN system to his role. I look forward to working with him and the CU team in this forthcoming transition year’. Professor Elliott concluded her remarks by expressing her deep thanks to the current Secretariat team, which will continue in place until July 2018, noting that ‘Dr Alistair Edgar, Ms Brenda Burns and Ms Gwenith Cross have set the bar high for the new team. Their commitment to ACUNS and its members and their approach to innovation and excellence in the way that ACUNS reaches out to the scholarly and practitioner communities in many parts of the world has been crucial to the Council’s future’.
Incoming Executive Director (2018)
Dr. Math Noortmann
Professor in Transnational Law and Non-State Actors; and Transnational and Maritime Security, Coventry UniversityProfessor Noortman said that he was “looking forward to start as ACUNS’ new Executive Director in 2018 and to work closely with Board Chair Professor Elliott and Chair-Elect Professor Coate, other members of the board, and Alistair Edgar during the transition year.” Noortmann appreciated that his task is not an easy one given the excellent legacy of the previous secretariat and ACUNS’ ambition. He said: “I believe that ACUNS is ready for the next step in its progressive development. Coventry University and its Centre for Peace Trust and Social Relations are dedicated to facilitate that progression, and advance ACUNS as a global and inclusive organisation, to further build its organisational capacity and stretch its international outreach.”
Executive Director, ACUNS,
commented that ‘It has been a privilege to be the Executive Director of ACUNS for twelve of the fourteen years it has been hosted by Wilfrid Laurier University, and I look forward to working with the new Secretariat team in the coming year in preparation for its move to Coventry University.’ Speaking to the transition from North America to the United Kingdom, Edgar noted, ‘after thirty years in North America it is exciting to see the move across the Atlantic. In its early years ACUNS members were almost exclusively from the United States, Canada, and Mexico. In recent years we have seen our global membership grow, and now approximately half our members are from outside North America. The Secretariat’s move to Europe is an excellent example of its increasing global presence.’
About the Secretariat Hosts
ACUNS has the privilege of working with a variety of institutional hosts. Founded at Dartmouth College in 1987, ACUNS moved to Brown University in 1992, then Yale University in 1998. In 2003, ACUNS moved to Wilfrid Laurier University, where it will reside until 2018. Read-More