Senior Researcher
Aljazeera Centre for Studies


Areas of Expertise
Humanitarian Affairs, International Humanitarian Law, Media and Communication, Refugees and Displacement, Human Rights, Immigration, International Affairs, Peace and Security, Terrorism, Media and Public Policy

Region of Focus
The Middle East, Europe

Dr. Shoukri is an expert on the migration issues in the Middle East. In the last ten years he had worked in different European institutions which deal with refugees in this region. During his work he visited regularly the refugee camps in different Arab countries like, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan and Palestine.

Part of his work was to advocate the issue of refugees before the officials, therefore he attended many high-level meetings with the European and Arab officials and members of parliaments. To enrich the debate about the refugees, he participated in many international conferences, seminars and workshops in Europe and the Middle East.
Dr. Shoukri works as a senior researcher.

Recent Publications
In terms of the Academic work, he has published two books about the refugee status in the Middle East. One was published by I.B. Tauris in 2011 called: “Refugee Status in Islam: Concepts of Protection in Islamic tradition and International Law”. The other one is published by Aljazeera Centre for Studies.