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Environmental Development is a research outlet for the discussion of peer reviewed research on emerging issues for environmental problems and the development of environmental policies. They  are excited to share a new Thematic Issue, Science-Based Transboundary Water Management, with you. View Thematic Issue

Special about this issue is that it is the first of two publications, in collaboration with with IW:LEARN and UNU-INWEH. The purpose is to disseminate research and highlight practices of GEW IW projects towards transboundary water issues. All papers are authored by members the IW:Science Project, an initiative looking directly at the use of science in GEF IW projects.

The issue highlights over 20 years of progress in dealing with both fresh and marine transboundary water IW learnissues, and with a special focus on the importance of science in sustainable management of transboundary water systems.

  • For North Atlantic fisheries, using data on global warming improved the development of ecosystem approaches.
  • In the Somali and Agulhas Current large marine ecosystem “Dynamic Management Strategies” are incorporated in governance to improve adaptive decision making.
  • Remote Sensing was employed to achieve significant irrigation water savings in China.


The Environmental Development team hopes you will have a look, and encourages you to share these articles within your network.

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Featured Photo Credit: UN Photo