Irvin Waller, Science and Secrets of Ending Violent Crime (Rowman and Littlefield, 2019).


Science and Secrets of Ending Violent Crime (Irvin Waller, New York, Rowman and Littlefield, 2019) explains what has been proven to reduce violent crime, how it must be implemented to be successful, and the compelling strategies to get governments to buy-in.

Homicides, gun violence, and gender based violence continue to inflict unnecessary tragedies, because governments are not applying the accumulated knowledge on how to prevent them.  The book shows:

  • how this knowledge has become freely accessible from government and intergovernmental agencies;
  • how to explain the proven projects to policy makers and the public;
  • how to implement the effective solutions widely by building on what governments have agreed at ECOSOC; and
  • how to use the cost benefit, public support for prevention and other secrets to get governments to buy-in to smart investments.

It provides many examples where cities and projects have reduced violent crime by 50% or more within just a few years.  Many of these save lives and are affordable as they cost just a fraction of standard reactive policing and incarceration. The book shows how the framework and measurable indicators for the Sustainable Development Goals will significantly reduce violence against women (such as SDG 5.1.1)  and homicides and violence (such as SDG 16.1.1).

About the Author
Irvin Waller’s trail blazing work to get UNGA to recognize rights for victims in 1985 earned him multiple awards internationally and shaped 30 years working to persuade governments to end violence in crime ridden cities. His new book  Science and Secrets of Ending Violent Crime (Rowman and Littlefield, 2019) shares what works and secrets he has learnt to get governments to buyin, including  to SDG16 (1.1). In 1990´s, he gained international recognition for his work as the first executive director of the International Centre for Prevention of Crime, affiliated with the UN.  Governments, non-governmental organizations and intergovernmental agencies across the world – particularly in the USA, UK, and Latin America – seek him as a speaker and adviser. He has advised or collaborated with the World Health Organization, UN Habitat, UNODC, Inter-American Development Bank, and the World Bank. Waller has played key roles in establishing and leading the World Society of Victimology and the International Organization for Victim Assistance, both in special consultative status with ECOSOC. In addition, he has been a member of numerous national and international commissions and task forces focused on safety and security around the world. Among them is South Africa’s Task Force on Safety and Security during the Mandela administration. Waller is the author of three recent influential books including Less Law, More Order; Rights for Victims of Crimes; and Smarter Crime Control. Each of these shares in simple language the solid violence prevention science of effective solutions and best practices to support justice for victims. Irvin Waller is emeritus professor of criminology at the University of Ottawa and popular public speaker in English, French or Spanish.