Ciampi, Annalisa. Sanzioni del Consiglio di sicurezza e diritti umani [United Nations Sanctions and Human Rights] (Milano: Giuffrè, 2007), pp. IV-500.

This book comprehensively assesses the challenges to human rights posed by the relatively recent phenomenon of Security Council targeted sanctions. The first level of analysis concerns their adoption within the UN system. As to their implementation, special  attention is given to the role of the European Union. The third part is devoted to the role of human rights supervisory  mechanisms under the relevant treaties. The fourth and final part of the book addresses human rights issues arising  in relation to the implementation of targeted sanctions before national courts.  The conclusion is that the lacuna in the protection of human rights when sanctions are adopted by the Security Council, are not adequately remedied by other actors acting at different levels. Faced with such an apparently anachronistic and paradoxical situation, the author offers viable solutions for overcoming some of the envisaged problems.

Entry submitted by: Annalisa Ciampi

About the author: Annalisa Ciampi, Harvard LL.M., has taught at the Universities of Catanzaro, Macerata, Trento, Firenze and Paris II and published extensively in the fields of international and European Union law. She is presently a Full Professor of international law at the University of Verona.