PhD Candidate
The University of Melbourne


Areas of Expertise
Civil Wars and Intrastate Conflict, Diplomacy, Ethics and Leadership, Human Rights, International Affairs, International Sanctions, Organized Crime, Post-conflict reconstruction and development, Refugees and Displacement, Terrorism, The Responsibility to Protect, US Foreign Policy

Region of Focus
North Africa, North America, The Middle East

Mr. Ryder is a third-year PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne completing his thesis titled “Defying Death: Investigating Martyrdom-Operations in Islam as a Consequence of the Crusading Period in the Holy Lands.” His areas of research focus on contemporary violence in Islam, conceptions of jihad, the history of Islam, and political Islam. He has taught international politics at the University of Melbourne, and presented his research at academic conferences in the United States and Australia.

Recent ACUNS Activity
Presenting paper titled “Mechanisms of (In)Action: the United Nations and Violent Non-State Actors, the Case of Jihadi Groups” at UN @ 75: The Future of Partnership and Multilateralism.