Roger A. Coate is the Paul D. Coverdell Professor of Public Policy at Georgia College and Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of South Carolina. He is Chair-elect of ACUNS and has served as Vice Chair, member of the Executive Committee, and Chair of the Committee on Governance of ACUNS. Coate served as senior staff consultant to the U.S. Secretary of State’s Monitoring Panel on UNESCO in 1984–1985; member of the U.S. Delegation to the 31st UNESCO General Conference; member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences Board of International Scientific Organizations, 2001–2006; member of the UN Habitat II Secretary-General’s Advisory Panel on Housing Rights, 1996; and United Nations Fellow in the Centre for Human Rights, 1990. Coate’s research and teaching interests focus on public policy related to multilateral relations, international organization, and global governance. His specific areas of expertise and research interests include: leadership and the role of the United States in the UN system, UN and international organization reform, international administration, the role of civil society in global governance, nonprofit management, and U.S. multilateral foreign policy. He is author or co-author of more than a dozen books and monographs, including: The United Nations and Changing World Politics [Eight editions]; Identity Politics in an Age of Globalization; United Nations Politics: Responding to a Challenging World; International Cooperation in Response to AIDS; United States Policy and the Future of the United Nations; and Unilateralism, Ideology and United States Foreign Policy: The U.S. In and Out of UNESCO.