unogThe United Nations Office at Geneva is currently trying to identify academic research that illustrates the impact of the work of Geneva-based organisations (both laudatory and critical). The aim of this call is to encourage dialogue between academia and Geneva-based organisations, to leverage academic research findings in current policy debates, and to work towards addressing challenges you might face when conducting research in Geneva.

Could you take a few minutes to answer the following three questions:

1. Please identify research (past or current) that you have conducted relating to Geneva (research in / on / relevant to Geneva). This could include:

– Studies about Geneva-based organisations, including UN agencies and other IOs / NGOs / PPPs / businesses (E.g. histories, evaluations, comparative studies of organisations, etc.)
– Studies about the programmes / work / outputs produced or coordinated from Geneva-based organisations, and/or case studies showing implementation
– Studies on negotiations / standards established or administered from Geneva (such as International Humanitarian Law)
– Research on issue domains that have required you to come to Geneva /liaise with people / organisations based in Geneva to conduct your research (e.g. health, trade, humanitarian law, migration, etc.)
– Other research you think is related to Geneva.

Please send through research project titles, and any related publication titles for the above.

2. Have you ever travelled to Geneva for your research? If yes, what did the research involve?

a) Interviews

b) Archival research

c) Observation of meetings / negotiations

d) Other (please specify)

3. To help us address challenges, please indicate any obstacles/challenges you have faced when conducting research in Geneva, or on Geneva-based organisations remotely. (E.g. access to archives, people, etc.)

Please send your response, by Friday, November 7, 2014, to: [email protected]