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Following long and careful preparations and selection of participants, the Regional Academy on United Nations (RAUN) which was launched in January 2012 at the United Nations Office in Vienna, formally began the activities of its academic period 2012-2013, with the first session taking place from 9-11 May 2012 in Prague, Czech Republic. About 40 students, from 10 nations, accompanied by a group of facilitators were given lectures and presentations about the United Nations system and foreign policy by UN officials, academic professionals and diplomats.

This first session covered topics such as the role of the Czech Government in the UN; the laws governing outer space, the future of the United Nations, NGOs involvement in delivering humanitarian and development aid; and the work of diplomats, particularly in the European Union.

The session ended with a formation of groups in which students were assigned research topics related to the United Nations on which they will work throughout the RAUN academic period (May 2012 – January 2013). Participating students showed a great deal of satisfaction in the program and enjoyed the hospitality of the Czech organizing team and the beauty of Prague.

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