Abraham Joseph and Takako Hamaguchi, “Promoting Peace through Employment and Income Generation,” in Globalization and Economic Justice: From Terrorism to Global Peace, ed. Karikottuchira Kuriakose (Gorgias Press LLC, 2017).

Human life is not a mere search for survival. It is also a struggle for equality and economic justice. Environment and health, production of farm and industrial goods, labor supply, and marketing of goods and services are the controlling factors of economic development. None of these, however, can be actualized without peace. Peace is a crucial condition of economic development. Without peace, economic justice cannot become a reality. On the other hand, there is no peace without economic development. Peace and development thus go hand-in-hand. Our modern economy is characterized by the predominant role of neo-liberal policies and global economic trends. Can modern neo-liberalism provide humanity with peace and economic justice? How does globalization affect human conditions all across the world?

These articles are dedicated to raising global awareness and the restraining of growing injustice, while supporting the building up of a community that guarantees basic rights in a democratic society.

About the Author
Abraham Joseph has held various senior-level positions at the United Nations, including the head of the Office of Socioeconomic Affairs in the UN Integrated Mission in Timor-Leste. He also served as a senior advisor to Timor-Leste’s foreign minister.

Takako Hamaguchi worked for UNICEF for sixteen years before starting her own international development and cooperation consultancy firm.