Tara DePorte

Executive Director and Founder,
Human Impacts Institute

In Episode 19 of the Professional Development Series, Tara DePorte joins co-host Alistair Edgar to discuss the founding of the Human Impacts Institute. DePorte discusses the mission of the institution to transform environmental challenges into social action for a just and livable world. DePorte explains the importance of engaging new audiences regarding environmental and social issues through three steps; inspiring more people, learning through action and sharing resources. The Human Impacts Institute pairs artists and scientists to engage a wide range of groups in policy development and solution-building. While expanding on the goals of the Institute, DePorte discusses the importance of pushing the boundaries of science and policy in order to create a social movement

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About Tara DePorte
Born and raised in the Washington, DC area, Tara has lived in Brooklyn for many years and considers New York City as her “base” for exploration. She has also lived in Brazil, France, and the Netherlands, and traveled throughout the world.

With a BA in Human Impacts on Ecosystems from the University of Virginia and a MA in Climate and Society from Columbia University, Tara’s formal education has focused on issues of sustainable development, society, and the environment. Professionally, her international experience includes work throughout Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe, working with colleagues throughout the world on creative community development, environmental education, social justice, policy and networking.

Tara founded the Human Impacts Institute in 2010, seeing a need for creative approaches to sustainability and global coalition building. Before starting the Human Impacts institute, Tara worked for 9 years as Director of Environmental Education and as Program Director for a NYC community-based organization–developing opportunities for inner-city youth to learn about, and develop responsibility for, their local environment. She has also served as a global representative of The ClimateRealityProject since 2006, presenting to thousands of people about climate change.

Tara’s international accomplishments include the development of capacity building trainings for international women participating in United Nations-sanctioned environmental conferences, representing stakeholders to the United Nations and working with lead officials on international policy development. Often Tara serves the role of “facilitator”, where she helps with creating and maintaining dialogues between different groups, such as scientists and politicians, or the general public. Tara is also an adjunct professor of Environmental Studies, Policy, Sustainable Development and Visual Arts the New School (NYC) and Webster University, Leiden (Leiden, Netherlands), and a guest lecturer at Columbia University (NYC).

Recorded February 2015