Korwa Gombe Adar; Kasaija Phillip Apuuli; Agnes Lucy Lando; PLO-Lumumba and Juliana Masabo (eds.) , Popular Participation in the Integration of the East African Community: Eastafricanness and Eastafricanization (Lexington Books, 2020).

The post-independence integration endeavor of the East African Community has been punctuated with challenges, culminating into the collapse of the 1967-1977 regional organization. The renaissance of the integration agenda since the re-establishment of the regional organization in 1999 has rekindled epistemological debate among scholars and practitioners on the East African Community raison d’etre and integration process. This volume is the first of its kind in this ongoing debate that puts into proper context the nexus between the East African citizens and the integration agenda. Focusing on the Partner States case studies, the authors of the chapters operationalize the concepts of popular participation, eastafricanness, eastafricanization, democratization, and integration. Using political, national constitutions and EAC treaty, communication and awareness dimensions the authors of the chapters have analyzed the nexus between the EACcitizens and the integration process. The study generally proceeds from the premise that the exclusion of the EAC citizens from exercising their sovereign rights through popular participation undermines the prospects for the institutionalization and consolidation of the EAC identity, eastafricanness, eastafricanization, democratization and integration.

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About the Editors
Korwa Gombe Adar is professor of international studies at the University of Botswana.





Kasaija Phillip Apuuli is associate professor in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration, Makerere University.
Agnes Lucy Lando is associate professor of communication and media studies at Daystar University.
PLO-Lumumba is associate professor of public law at Kabarak University.
Juliana Masabo is a judge of the High Court of Tanzania.