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CategoryNumberTitleDate RecordedIntervieweeKeywords
Book Talk1Keeping Watch: Monitoring Technology and Innovation in UN Peace Operations2012/06/07Walter DornPeacekeeping, Peace and Conflict, United Nations, Human Security
Book Talk2Trends in American International Legal Scholarship2012/12/05Dr. Paolo BargiacchiInternational Law, United Nations, International Criminal Court
Book Talk3The Golden Fleece: Manipulation and Independence in Humanitarian Action2013/02/09Antonio DoniniHumanitarian Affairs, United Nations, Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict
Book Talk4Transformative Political Leadership & Africa Emerges2013/03/20Robert RotbergInternational Development, Peacekeeping, Ethics and Leadership
Book Talk5International Development: Ideas, Experience, and Prospects2013/04/29Rohinton MedhoraInternational Development, Peacekeeping, Ethics and Leadership, Political Economy
Book Talk6The Oxford Handbook of Modern Diplomacy2013/06/27Andrew F. CooperDiplomacy, Global Governance
Book Talk7Aid, NGOs and the Realities of Women’s Lives: A Perfect Storm2013/08/16Fenella PorterInternational non-governmental organizations, United Nations, International Development
Book Talk8Territoriality and Migration in the EU Neighbourhood2013/09/24Margaret Walton-Roberts & Jenna L. HennebryMigration, European Union, Human Security,
Book Talk9Speaking Rights to Power2013/10/15Alison BryskInternational Governance, Human Trafficking, Human Rights, Civil Society
Book Talk10Shooting For a Century: The India-Pakistan Conundrum 2014/03/27Stephen P. CohenCivil Wars and Intrastate Conflict, US Foreign Policy
Book Talk11The United Nations at Work in Asia2014/10/22Dr. Roy MoreyUnited Nations, International Development
Book Talk12Challenges of Constructing Legitimacy in Peacebuilding: Afghanistan, Iraq, Sierra Leone, and East Timor2015/06/29Daisaku HigashiUnited Nations, Peacebuilding, Post-conflict reconstruction and development
Book Talk13The Procedure of the UN Security Council2015/09/08Loraine SieversUnited Nations, Peace and Security, International Sanctions
Book Talk14International Responses to Mass Atrocities in Africa Responsibility to Protect, Prosecute, and Palliate2015/09/21Kurt MillsHuman Rights, International Justice, United Nations, Genocide
Book Talk15Wartime Origins and the Future United Nations2016/03/28Dan PleschUnited Nations, Multilateralism and Regimes, Economic Development
Book Talk16The Human Rights Based Approach to Carbon Finance2016/07/25Damilola OlawuyiClimate Change, United Nations, Human Rights, Environment
Current Issues1Child Soldiers2009/07/01Dr. W Andy KnightChildren and Armed Conflict, Human Security, Violence Against Children, Peace and Security
Current Issues2Security Council Reform2009/08/01A.J.R. GroomUnited Nations Reform,United Nations, Multilateralism and Regimes, Global Governance
Current Issues3Peacekeeping2009/09/01Lise Morje HowardPeacekeeping, United Nations, Peacebuilding, Peace and Security
Current Issues4Haiti2009/09/01Dr. Yasmine ShamsieCivil Wars and Intrastate Conflict, United Nations, Peacekeeping, The Global South, Human Security
Current Issues5Global Environmental Governance2009/10/01Dr. Maria IvanovaEnvironment, Global Governance, Intergovernmental Organizations, Climate Change, International Organizations.
Current Issues6Security Sector Reform2009/11/01Mark SedraPost-conflict reconstruction and development, Human Security, Fragile States, Non-Traditional Security.
Current Issues7Food Security2010/02/05Jennifer ClappGlobal Food Security, Global Governance, The Global South, Poverty and Inequality, Human Rights
Current Issues8Non-Proliferation Treaty2010/04/01Dr. Ramesh ThankurDisarmament, Treaties, Peace and Security, Terrorism
Current Issues9R2P2010/05/01Dr. Thomas WeissThe Responsibility to Protect, Humanitarian Response, United Nations, Peacebuilding, Human Security
Current Issues10Global Governance and Human Rights2010/06/01Dr. Rhoad Howard-HassmannGlobal Governance, Human Rights, Women's Rights, International Human Rights Law, United Nations.
Current Issues11Nuclear Energy and Global Governance2010/07/01Dr. Trevor FindlayGlobal Governance, Disarmament, Green/Sustainable Energy, Human Security
Current Issues12Robust Peacekeeping2010/08/01Dr. Theirry TardyPeacekeeping, Humanitarian Response, Peace and Security, International Organizations
Current Issues13China as a Multilateral ActorChina as a Multilateral Actor2010/08/15Gregory ChinMultilateralism and Regimes, Regional Specialization, International Affairs, Economic Development.
Current Issues14European Union's Role and Status as a Global Actor2010/11/01Jan WoutersEuropean Union, Multilateralism and Regimes, International Affairs, International Organizations
Current Issues15Fragility of States and Global Governance2010/12/01Tim SiskGlobal Governance, Civil Wars and Intrastate Conflict, Post-conflict reconstruction and development, Peacebuilding, Fragile States.
Current Issues16Taking a Long View to Understand Global Governance2011/01/01Charlotte KuGlobal Governance, International Law, International Affairs
Current Issues17The United States of Africa?2011/02/01Thomas Kwasi TiekuMultilateralism and Regimes, African Union, The Global South, Civil Society
Current Issues18Human Rights and Advocacy in the Humanities2011/03/01Katja KurzHuman Rights, UN Human Rights System, Global Governance, Civil Society, New Media and Social Media
Current Issues19The Quaker United Nations Office: Addressing Peacebuilding and the Prevention of Violent Conflict through Dialogue and Quiet Diplomacy2011/08/01Camilla CampisiUnited Nations, Peacebuilding, Diplomacy,
Current Issues20Sovereign Equality and Moral Disagreement: Premises of a Pluralist International Legal Order2011/09/01Brad RothHuman Rights, International Law, International Affairs, International Justice
Current Issues21Teaching the United Nations2011/11/01Carlos YordanUnited Nations, International Non-Governmental Organizations, Global Governance, International Organizations
Current Issues22International Legal Cooperation in Addressing Transnational Crime2011/12/01Paulette LLoyd
Current Issues23R2P: Southern Perspectives2012/01/07Rama ManiThe Global South, Humanitarian Response, Ethics and Leadership, The Responsibility to Protect
Current Issues24Reflections on ACUNS and on IO/IPE Studies2012/05/08Robert CoxNorth-South Relations, International Organizations, Political Economy,
Current Issues25Elections in Burma, but Ongoing Civil War2012/05/09Elaine PearsonHuman Rights, UN Human Rights System, Women's Rights,
Current Issues26UN Peacekeeping, 20 Years of Reform2012/05/10Madame Louise FrechettePeacekeeping, United Nations Reform, Peace and Security
Current Issues27Issues Facing Small Island Nations Threatened By Sea Level Rise2012/06/01Michael B. GerrardHuman Security, Small Island States, Environment, Oceans and Law of the Sea
Current Issues28Rio +20: a Human Rights Perspective2012/07/17Melinda Ching SimonUnited Nations, Sustainable Development, Human Rights, UN Human Rights System
Current Issues29Olympic Truce2012/10/31Hugh DuganUnited Nations, Diplomacy, Media and Communication, Ethics and Leadership
Current Issues30The European Union and the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize2012/12/03Ioannis VrailasUnited Nations, European Union, Diplomacy, Global Governance, Peacebuilding
Current Issues31Climate Change After Doha2013/02/07Simon DalbyTreaties, Environment, Climate Change
Current Issues32Business and Human Rights2013/02/07Radu MaresHuman Rights, United Nations, United Nations Human Rights System, International Organizations
Current Issues33Femicide, Death Penalty and UN Evolution: ACUNS Vienna Initiatives2013/10/15Michael Platzer & Leah NorrisWomen's Rights, Women, Peace and Security, Human Rights, United Nations
Current Issues34SOS Children’s Villages & the Post-2015 Development Agenda2013/11/12Katharina Thon & Sofia Garcia-GarciaViolence Against Children, United Nations, Post 2015 Development Agenda, Millenium Development Goals
Current Issues35Landmines and the Nobel Women’s Initiative2013/11/12Jody WilliamsMine Action, Disarmament, Treaties
Current Issues36Immigration-Related Employment Issues: Comparing the United States & Botswana2013/12/11Glenys SpenceImmigration, Economic Development, Political Economy
Current Issues37Saving Future Generations2014/01/24Jamie ArbucklePeacebuilding, Peacekeeping, Civil Society, Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Development
Current Issues38Business for Peace2014/02/28Melissa PowellPeacebuilding, Post 2015 Development Agenda, Peace and Security, Corporate Social Responsibility
Current Issues39Medicalization & Weapons Control2014/03/27Ritu MathurDisarmament, International Non-Governmental Organizations, Health, Human Rights
Current Issues40Reflecting on “The Coming Anarchy” with Betsy Hartmann2014/04/29Betsy HartmannPeace and Security, Journalism, Media and Communication, Environment
Current Issues41Freedom of the Press 20142014/05/29Jennifer DunhamJournalism, Media and Communication, New Media and Social Media, Civil Society
Current Issues42Global Connections Television2014/05/29Bill MillerUnited Nations, International Non-Governmental Organizations, Media and Communication
Current Issues43Reflecting on “The Coming Anarchy” with Simon Dalby2014/07/28Simon DalbyEnvironment, Global Governance, Sustainable Development, Peace and Security
Current Issues44Influence of Kaplan’s Ideas and Images on Media2014/09/23Cleo PaskalJournalism, Media and Communication, Environment
Current Issues45Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect2014/09/24Dr. Simon AdamsThe Responsibility to Protect, Humanitarian Response, United Nations
Current Issues46Angela Kane, High Representative on the Disarmament of Chemical Weapons in Syria2014/10/21Ms. Angela KaneDisarmament, The United Nations, Treaties
Current Issues47Developing Global Norms for Cyber Security2014/11/25Paul MeyerNon-Traditional Security, The United Nations, Globalization
Current Issues48Advancing Women’s Human Rights: Reflection on CSW’59 and the Path Ahead2015/03/25Gaynel CurryHuman Rights, Women's Rights, Women, Peace and Security, The United Nations
Current Issues49The Responsibility to Protect and the Structural Problems of Preventive Humanitarian Intervention2015/04/23Roland ParisPeacekeeping, The Responsibility to Protect, The United Nations
Current Issues50Delivering Humanitarian Assistance: Risking Irrelevance - Which way is up?2015/05/22Nigel FisherThe United Nations, Humanitarian Affairs, The Global South
Current Issues51United Nations Population Fund2015/06/19Babatunde OsotimehinThe United Nations, Women's Rights, Violence Against Women, Post 2015 Development Agenda
Current Issues52Peace and Post-2015: Into the Home Stretch2015/07/27Andrew TomlinsonPost 2015 Development Agenda, Sustainable Development, The United Nations, Peacebuilding, International Non-Governmental Organizations
Current Issues53Everyday Peace Indicators 2015/08/24Pamina FirchowPeace and Security, Non-Traditional Security, International Organizations
Current Issues54Is the United Nations fit for purpose?2015/11/20Sam DawsThe United Nations, Peace and Security, Humanitarian Affairs, Sustainable Development
Current Issues55Engaging Higher Academic Institutions in African Peace and Security Affairs – African Vice-Chancellors’ Debate at the Tana High-Level Forum2016/03/24Mesfin GebremichaelPeace and Security, International Affairs
Current Issues56Human Trafficking of Women and Children2016/04/25Christine BalarezoHuman Rights, Human Trafficking, Organized Crime
Current Issues57"Men Can Be Raped Too"2016/05/24Dr. Chris DolanProtection From Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, Human Rights, Sexual Violence in Conflict
Current Issues58Choosing the Next Secretary General2016/06/27Hugh DuganThe United Nations, Secretaries-General, United Nations Reform
Current Issues59World Humanitarian Summit: Nobody is off the Hook2016/06/28Catherine BraggThe United Nations, United Nations Reform, Humanitarian Affairs
Current Issues60Proposal for a Displaced Persons Convention2016/07/27Jill GoldenzielInternational Law, Refugees and Displacement, Human Rights
Current Issues61Global Compact Cities Programme2016/09/27Michael NolanThe United Nations, Sustainable Devlopment, The Private Sector and Private-Public Partnerships
Current Issues62The South Sudan Peace Process2016/09/28Daisaku HIgashiPeace and Security, United Nations, Peacebuilding,
Current Issues63The US Approach to International Human Rights2016/11/30Ari KohenHuman Rights, US Foreign Policy, International Affairs
Current Issues64UN Peacekeeping: Challenging Assumptions, Improving Understanding2017/01/23Marina HenkeUnited Nations, International Organizations, Peacekeeping, Peace and Security
Professional Development1Presenting Scholarly Work for Policy-Relevance2011/03/01Tim SiskGlobal Governance, Partnerships, Multilateralism and Regimes, Media and Public Policy
Professional Development2Opportunities for Non-Linear CVs (and Professionals) in International Development2011/04/07Nanette Archer SvensonInternational Development, Ethics and Leadership, International Non-Governmental Organizatioins
Professional Development3Manual for UN Delegates – Conference Process, Procedure and Negotiation2011/05/07Ambassador Ronald WalkerDiplomacy, International Affairs, International Organizations
Professional Development4Human Resources Management in the UN Secretariat: New approaches and opportunities2011/11/01Catherine PollardThe United Nations, Secretaries-General, United Nations Reforms
Professional Development5Big-C, Little-c and K-Star2012/05/15Dr. Alex BielakEnvironment, Oceans and Law of the Sea, Media and Communication, Sustainable Development
Professional Development6Peace Operations Training Institute2012/10/23Dr. Harvey LangholtzPeace and Security, Peacebuilding, Humanitarian Affairs
Professional Development7The Human Resources Landscape in UNFPA and Beyond2012/12/11Mr. Michael EmeryThe United Nations, International Organizations, Global Governance
Professional Development8The International Civil Servant – An Agent of Change2012/12/11Katarina ManssonThe United Nations, Secretaries-General, Peacekeeping, Humanitarian Affairs
Professional Development9IO BIO Project2013/04/10Kent Kille & Bob ReinaldaSecretaries-General, The United Nations, International Organizations
Professional Development10The Future UN Development System Project and the MDGs2013/05/27Stephen BrowneMillennium Development Goals, United Nations Reform, United Nations, Post 2015 Development Agenda
Professional Development11Addressing Latin American Displacement at the Commission on the Status of Women, 20132013/07/14Melissa TorresViolence Against Women, Human Trafficking, Human Rights
Professional Development12Innocent at Large: With the UN in the Horn of Africa2013/08/21George SomerwillMedia and Communication, Peacekeeping, Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Development, The United Nations
Professional Development13Emerging Scholars and Practitioners 2013/09/24Furqan AsifGlobal Governance, Climate Change, Environment, United Nations Reform
Professional Development14Multi-rack Careers: Special Operations Commander, Lawyer, Digital Professors2014/04/29Ronald S. MagnumPeace and Security, Peacekeeping, International Law,
Professional Development15Outreach and UN-DPI2014/06/12Maher NasserUnited Nations, United Nations Reforms, International Non-Governmental Organization, Intergovernmental Organizations
Professional Development16Organizational Culture and the UN2014/08/05Alisa ClarkeEthics and Leadership, United Naitons, United Nations Reform, Global Governance
Professional Development17The Evolution of International Law2014/08/15Yves BeigbederInternational Criminal Court, International Law, International Justice, International Organizations, Development of International Law
Professional Development18International Criminal Law and Justice Program2015/01/21Albert E. ScherrInternational Criminal Court, International Law, International Justice, International Organizations, Development of International Law
Professional Development19Human Impacts Institute2015/02/20Tara DePorteEnvironment, Sustainable Development, Green/Sustainable Energy, Partnerships, International Institutes
Professional Development20Certificate in United Nations Studies at Seton Hall University 2015/07/27Martin S. EdwardsGlobal Governance, United Nations, UN Human Rights System
Professional Development
21Building an International Career2015/08/24Lemoyne BaquetThe Global South, Journalism, Media and Communication, Humanitarian Affairs, Regional Specialization
Professional Development22Priorities for the Future 2015/12/08Morten KjaerumInternational Humanitarian Law, International Justice, Human Rights, Economic Development
Professional Development23From Practitioner to PhD2016/01/27Louise ArmstrongSustainable Development, Economic Development, The Private Sector and Private Public Partnerships
Professional Development24Pathways into the United Nations2016/08/31Stefan KuuskneOceans and Law of the Sea, United Nations, International Organizations
Current Issues65UNFOLD ZERO, the threat of nuclear weapons & emerging solutions through the United Nations2017/02/21Alyn WareDisarmament, Diplomacy, Peacebuilding, United Nations
Book Talk17The United Nations as a Knowledge System2017/02/07Nanette SvensonUnited Nations, International Organizations, Economic Development, Poverty and Inequality
Professional Development25Local Perspectives in the Research and Practice of Peacebuilding2017/04/27Dahlia SimanganPeacebuilding, Nepal, Community Outreach, Peace Perspectives
ACUNS @ 3001Reflections on the Workshops2017/05/11Abiodun WilliamsWorkshop on International Organization Studies, ACUNS at 30
Book Talk18On the Side of Angels2017/05/30Andrew ThompsonUNCHR, Human Rights, Canada, Canadian Human Rights Policies
ACUNS @ 3002The ACUNS-ASIL Workshops2017/06/27Charlotte KuWorkshop on International Organization Studies, ACUNS at 30, ASIL
ACUNS @ 3003Increasing Awareness of ACUNS in Asia2017/06/28Sukehiro HasegawaACUNS at 30, Tokyo Liaison Office, Asia
ACUNS @ 3004The International Origins of ACUNS2017/06/28Modesto Seara VazquezACUNS at 30, ACUNS Founding Conference, Mexico
ACUNS @ 3005Global Governance Journal2017/07/28Roger Coate, Craig MurphyACUNS at 30, Global Governance Journal, Lynne Rienner Publishers
Professional Development26The Global Challenges Prize2017/08/03Fredrik KarlssonGlobal Challenges Foundation, New Shape Prize
Professional Development27The United Nations Integrated Mission in Timor-Leste (UNMIT)2017/08/15Abraham JosephUNMIT, Timor-Leste, UN, Capacities Development, ASEAN
Current Issues66Report of the Special Rapporteur on the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and of association2017/11/13Annalisa CiampiUN, Special Rapporteur on the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and of association, Human Rights
Current Issues67Committee on World Food Security2017/11/27Fernanda Mansur TansiniCommittee on World Food Security, Food and Agriculture Organization, World Food Programme, International Fund for Agricultural Development
Book Talk19How to Do Things With International Law2017/12/18Ian HurdInternational Law, Foreign Policy, Politics, Legitimation
Book Talk20Dangerous Diplomacy2018/03/01Herman SaltonRwanda, UN Secretariat, Marrack Goulding, DPA, DPKO
Current Issues68How to be a UN/global system change agent2018/01/24Alisa Clarke, Joe WashingtonGlobal Vision Institute, Theory of Change Workshops, UN
Professional Development28Earth System Governance2018/02/26Agni KalfagianniEarth System Governance, Winter School, 2018 Utrecht Conference on Earth System Governance
Current Issues69United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF)2018/02/28Annika SavillUnited Nations Democracy Fund, Sustainable Development Goals
Current Issues70Understanding Fragile States2018/03/02Understanding Fragile StatesFragile States, World Vision Institute, Adaptive Development, OECD
Current Issues71The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples2018/05/03Paul Joffe, Andrew ThompsonUNDRIP, Indigenous Rights, Canada, Bill C-262, Human Rights
Book Talk21The Globalization of Childhood2018/06/27Robyn LindeChild Death Penalty, International Law, Globalization, International Community
Book Talk22Governance Entrepreneurs2018/07/01Liliana AndonovaPublic-Private Partnerships, Global Governance, International Institutions
Book Talk23Global Governance and Local Peace2019/03/29Susanna P. CampbellGlobal Governance, Peacebuilding, Burundi, International Organizations, International Non-Governmental Organizations, Bi-lateral Donors