Postdoctoral Researcher
University of Copenhagen


Areas of Expertise
Civil Society, Fragile States, Human Security, International Organizations, Peace and Security, Peacebuilding, Post-conflict reconstruction and development, United Nations

Region of Focus
Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa

Lise Philipsen is a postdoctoral researcher and holds a PhD in Peacebuilding awarded by the University of Copenhagen

Recent Publications

Philipsen, Lise (2018): ‘Performative Securitization: From conditions of success to conditions of possibility, Journal of International Relations and Development
Philipsen, Lise (2014): ‘When Liberal Peacebuilding Fails: Paradoxes of Implementing Ownership and Accountability in the Integrated Approach’, Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding 8:1. pp. 42-67.

Book chapters:
Philipsen, Lise (2016): ‘Escaping Friction: Practices of creating non-frictional space in Sierra Leone’, in Peacebuilding and Friction: Global and Local Encounters in Post Conflict-Societies. Annika Björkdahl; Kristine Höglund; Gearoid Millar; Jair van der Lijn; Willemijn Verkoren (eds.) NY, Routledge, 2016. pp. 64-83 (Routledge Studies on Peace and Conflict Resolution).

PhD dissertation:
Philipsen, Lise (2013): Liberalism Lost in Translation: Practices of Human Security, Peacebuilding and Liberal Insecurity in Sierra Leone, PhD Dissertation, Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen.