banner - blue tagline - CMYKACUNS is pleased to announce its partnership with The Peace Operations Training Institute (POTI) for the programme E-Learning on Peacekeeping for ACUNS members.

POTI is an internationally recognized organization dedicated to providing globally accessible distance-learning courses on United Nations (UN) peacekeeping support, humanitarian relief, and security operations.

Our partnership will enable ACUNS Members to access all POTI courses at significantly reduced tuition fees: one course for $50 US or all 25 courses for $600 US.

Once enrolled with POTI, ACUNS Members will also have free access to the Principles and Guidelines for United Nations Peacekeeping Operations course, which is designed to introduce general concepts for peacekeeping.

With over 400,000 enrollments from over 170 nations since its creation, POTI constantly strives to provide the most accurate and relevant courses possible, with regular updates to the curriculum including new courses, additional translations, and revised texts. Many POTI courses are offered in multiple languages, including Arabic, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. For a complete list of available courses, please visit the POTI E-Learning Course page.

To gain access to POTI courses, please go to and follow the instructions. ACUNS members: please send an email to [email protected] with the subject line “POTI Course Registration”, to request the ACUNS unique programme code that will give you access to all POTI courses at significantly reduced tuition fees.